Existing State of Cycling in Oakville

Oakville cycling infrastructure is either completely missing or fragmented.

  • Cycle lanes end abruptly imperiling riders
  • Trails lack safe road crossings
  • Few major points in Oakville are safely accessible by bike:  Downtown; GO stations; Schools; our Waterfront (especially below the QEW)
  • Council has only funded 10-15 % of it's 10-year $35 Million cycling plan, 8 years in.
  • From what's been seen of the Town's plans going forward - which will be officially presented on June 30, 2017 and go before council on July 10, 2017 - there is still no remedy in the next ten years to make up for lost time during the previous eight years.  The priority projects (8 in total) call for painting sharrows on busy roads; this does nothing to improve cycling safety or encourage use. 


  • Oakville is flat & compact (10 km x 14 km) – perfect for all cyclists including seniors 
  • Potential to cycle anywhere in Oakville < 30 min with #MinimumGrid in place 
  • Oakville geographically is a keystone municipality with GTHA responsible for linking other munis with safe and continuous cycling infrastructure 
  • Oakville needs to do more to promote active living, health, clean air, mitigation of congestion, & climate action by providing cycling as a serious mobility choice for all potential cyclists as stated as goals in the Town's own 2009 Plans. 
  • This includes - commuters, road cyclists and safe routes for our kids and seniors to get where they need to go. 
  • Cycling is good for business: benefits for Downtown Oakville, Bronte & Kerr Village BIAs through easy car-free access from growing north Oakville  

Suggested Goals for Oakville

By 2020:  One safe N-S route with continuous cycle lanes from the Lake to Milton.  Easy and safe passage for our growing communities by bike from the north to the south and vise versa. By bridging 16-Mile Creek to join Sixth-Line and Kerr this can be accomplished, knitting many key destinations together:  GO, BIAs, Sheridan College, Oakville Place etc.

By 2020:  One safe E-W route with continuous cycle lanes spanning from Mississauga to Burlington. Reallocation of roadway / turning lanes on Lakeshore Road can provide more equitable sharing of space allowing for safe on-road cycle lanes.  The current proposal calling for on-lane sharrows may in fact be worse than doing nothing at all (see Univ. of Colorado study https://livableoakvillecycling.com/resources)

By 2025:  Build-out of cycling #MinimumGrid offering a viable mobility choice to safely access all major Oakville destinations by bike.


  1. Oakville Cycling Advisory Committee (appointed by council to guide staff;  stop wasting money on consultants)
  2. A dedicated project manager on staff to get things moving. 
  3. Costing and budget to establish #MinimumGrid by 2025